How to negotiate buy it now price eBay

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How you can negotiate to buy it now price eBay

eBay is a multinational e-commerce company that has been in operation since 1995. There is no physical product held by eBay.

Seller and buyer negotiating outside of eBay are against the policy. Your account may be limited or suspended if eBay get to know such activities on your account

eBay security to protect both buyers and sellers are very intense. eBay has laid down strict rules that can lead to the suspension of accounts. eBay suspends any account without prior warning and as a new buyer or seller. Read the eBay policy before registering a new seller account or a buyer account

eBay has recently created a make offer feature, and many sellers are not using the feature.

So, how is it possible to negotiate with a seller who doesn’t allow this feature? That could lead to Your account suspension, especially a listing make offer feature is not enabled.

The question now! Can you negotiate to buy it now price on eBay?

You can negotiate to buy it now price safely.

These are the two factors that must be in place before you can negotiate to buy it now price. It may lead to suspension or termination of your account if you ignore any of these factors.

  1. Make sure your account is not new. eBay seller may think you are a scammer.
  2. Make sure your account has at least three positive feedbacks.

If you do not reside in the US ( check the sample message you can send to a seller below)

  1. Never ask the seller contact details.
  2. Never ask the seller to reduce buy it now price.
  3. Be polite and Go straight to the point.
  4. Your offer should be fair, don’t offer below 80% of the fixed price. Some sellers will report your account, which can lead to suspension.

These are the sample messages you can send to a seller for “buy it now” listings.

$300 product, and you have $250 to offer, and you are ready to pay if the seller accepted.  


I know that on this listing, you don’t accept an offer. I’ve got $250 for this item. Honestly, I don’t know if you would consider my offer. There will be no delay in payment.  Thanks.

Non-US resident

Note: Before some sellers reply to your message, these are the factors most eBay seller check: 

1. Your buyer feedbacks. 

2. Time of account registration.

3. Country of a resident. 

Non-US resident sample message

I know that on this listing, you don’t accept an offer. I’ve got $250, and I don’t know if you would consider my offer. There will be no delay in payment. About my shipping address: I have someone in the US who receives the item on my behalf, and the payment is through Paypal.


If your offer is considered, the seller may send you a private commit to buy offer, immediately you must act since you are willing to pay.

These are clear samples of messages that you can send to any seller, and even if the seller rejects your offer, your eBay account is safe because you do not abuse the policy.

 A new or existing buyer should avoid offensive words, and if the seller abuses you and you find it offensive, report to eBay.