Everything on this site is absolutely free and our motives are unambiguous. We cover the most tech-related articles. See below to know the categories we touch and if all are not satisfying, one must clip your heart.

isoftic Article Categories.

Tech Reviews

Tech category, we cover the most trending news on the latest machine or gadgets like phones, laptops and desktops.


How-To category, This is all about the basic and advanced tutorial on how to use the most computer softwares. If you are working to improve yourself in Graphic and Web design aspects like photoshop, illustrator and script editing software. we give you these tips to advanced yourself.

Graphic Design

Graphic design, we provide you with a lot of freebies like designing ideas, templates and video guides.

Web Design

Web design, we cover most of the new programming language.
List of the programming language we cover on this category.
HTML, CSS, Python and Javascript.
Bundle with freebies like source code, template, UX and UI design with templates.


This is just the beginning, more categories will be included as we progress.

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