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This is circle amgray logistics reviews, Amgray Logistics is a full logistics service provider headquartered in Texas. We work with clients in the USA and abroad to support their domestic and international logistics needs via roads, air, and sea transport. We also offer services in international passport renewals, e-commerce sending and receiving money anywhere in the world.

See how you can ship from the USA to Nigeria. If you are interested in mini importation, then you should  know how to use the services of Amgray Logistics. Here, I will present an honest review after using their services for a specific period and have shipped items from the USA multiple times using their services.

What is Amgray Logistics?

Amgray Logistics is a shipping company that help Nigerians buy from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other online stores in the USA..Amgray Logistics has simplified buying from online stores in the USA with any hassle and also helps you ship the items to your doorsteps here in Nigeria.

How does Amgray Logistics Work?

It’s quite simple, just register with Amgray Logistics to get your free warehouse address in the USA. Use the address displayed on the dashboard as your delivery address when you buy from any online store in the USA.

Once you buy from these stores, your item will be delivered to the address you provided and Amgray Logistics will update your warehouse and send you SMS and email notification that they have received the item.

Amgray Logistics Review : Shipping with them for the very first time

I purchased my first apple product (used iPhone 7 plus) for $300 at the rate of N360 per dollar and some computer accessories like lithium items on eBay. At times, you will need to remind the seller to ship on time via eBay message so that item will get to the warehouse before Friday because Amgray logistics  ships every Friday and if your shipment miss the Friday’s shipment it will be till the next Friday.

On Friday night, I received an update from Amgray that my item has been shipped to Nigeria and it will take 2 days to arrive and 2 days for customs clearance at the Lagos airport. 

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I was having a cool time at the beach and I got a message on Thursday been the stipulated arrival week from Amgray Logistics that my item has arrived and ready for pick up in their Lagos Office.

I called their Nigeria phone number that I got from Amgray Logistics website to be sure that the message I received was authentic and it was their Lagos Office in Ikeja,Computer Village that picked my call and they confirmed the message was from Amgray Logistics that I should come for pickup of my package. When I heard that the package was delivered to Amgray Logistics Lagos office I was frightened, though I was later informed by the Customer Service Unit that my package will be waybilled to Abuja through flight at no extra cost, I couldn’t believe it until I went to the Amgray Abuja Office in Jabi for pickup.

I got my package delivered to me on the 5th working day Thursday been the same day I got the text message, which I felt was fair enough.

Ship From USA to Nigeria

Benefits of using Amgray Logistics?

  • You will get free warehouse address to ship your item from  stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other online stores in the US.
  • You only pay them for the shipping of your item from the US. No convenience fee for shopping.
  • We lower your shipping cost and you save 75% compared to published rates of other major shippers on all kinds of items.
  • Car shipping as low as $790. Saving you over $300 via container shipping.
  • 100% guaranteed delivery from US to your door step here in Nigeria
  • 100% guaranteed delivery of all shipments.

Amgray Logistics: How to get your free U.S. warehouse address to ship to Nigeria

Step 1: Go to Amgray Logistics and signup (Your legal full name, Email address, phone number, and valid ID). Your valid ID could be your voter’s Card, National ID card, Drivers’ License, or International Passport.

After successful registration, a free U.S address will be automatically assigned to you.

Step 2: Login and go to your dashboard under my freights and locate your unique U.S. warehouse address assigned to you.

Step 3: After you must have registered on eBay or any online store in U.S. Search for the item you want to purchase and add it to your cart.

Note: You will be asked to type in your payment details. eBay and most online U.S. uses PayPal, master card, and visa card – If you already have a PayPal account, you can just log in to make the payment

Step 4: Under shipping address, type in your first name, last name as it is in the Amgray dashboard. See the screenshot below

Step 5: Once you have paid for your item, some sellers take 1-3 days to ship, immediately the seller ships, a tracking number will be provided that you would be using to track your item until it gets to Amgray warehouse. You will be notified via the email address you provided during registration when your item arrives.

Amgray Logistics Services

  • Ship from Nigeria to USA
  • Ship from USA to Nigeria
  • Ocean shipping from USA to Nigeria
  • Available USA address for drop off.
  • Procurement services
  • Ocean Car shipping from USA to Nigeria
  1. The gross weight (weight of items plus packaging) of the package is determined by weighing on a scale.
  2. Package dimensions (Length, Width and Height) are then determined by measurement.
  3. We determine the dimensional/volume weight. The dimensional weight takes into account the dimensions of the package, and for all cargo, 
  4. The chargeable weight is taken from either  the gross weight (obtained in step 1) or the dimensional weight (obtained in step 3), and you will be billed based on the chargeable weight.


 Amgray Logistics Package Updates

Amgray Logistics January package

Amgray Logistics Fabuary package

Amgray Logistics Addresses

Amgray Logistics USA

6263 South Highway 6, Houston, Texas 77083. +1 (832) 614 5180 , +1 (281) 760 1602

Amgray Logistics Abuja

Suite 12, Rock of Ages Mall, Mafemi Crescent, Jabi, Abuja. WhatsApp/Call +2349057718505

Amgray Logistics Lagos

Suite 23, 9 Simbiat Abiola Way, Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos. WhatsApp/Call +2348096346666

Amgray Logistics Customer Reviews

Google Reviews

chyko luke4 reviews 3 months ago
Amgray is one of the best if not the best shipping company out there. My experience with the company is best to none. My goods arrived and was delivered as promised and on the day I was told it will be delivered. I will recommend this company to anyone and everyone out there. If you have any goods, products or in fact anything you intend or want to ship to Nigeria, Amgray is the company for you. They are trusted and tested, a trial will convinced you. Thank you Amgray Global for keeping to your promises.

herberth oshiemele4 reviews 3 months ago
I love there services and customer relationship. There staffs are friendly and there shipping services is fast and reliable with a decent rate. I will recommend doing business with Amgray Global Investment. Happy Customer ?

nicholas ezenwa1 review 2 months ago
Amgray global is an excellent financial services and freight company. They are efficient, trustworthy, reliable and on time. The staff and company are professionals. We use them and they are good.

Oluchi Juzie9 reviews 3 months ago
Lovely people, very professional and great customer service. Fast delivery and my package was in great condition. I would recommend them to all my friends and love ones.

Napoleon LeonLocal Guide ・40 reviews 3 months ago
Amazing and friendly people doing great work!!! I have referred 2 people ,who referred 3 people also. Been with this great establishment for more than 3 years and we still have very friendly relationship

Amgray Logistics Nairaland Reviews

goodypc a nairaland user write and for pictures evidence of all he said kindly click here to read more

Everything I will type or say here, please read to the end. Screenshots are my proof

I started using Amgray 2018 and I’m what I’m today is because of Amgray Logistics.I started mini importation in 2012. The first shipping company I used for shipping was DHL through

I will partially accept that, but no shipping company will detect fraud and still ship the package to you without proper investigation. The USA is not Nigeria where money can buy police or FBI. USA will seize your license if your business is not inline with the guidelines.

My brother lost his business license to these reckless Yahoo guys using his address to scam Americans. Pickers No company will tolerate fraud as much as you are in the USA. DHL will charge me bogus shipping and customs fees. Every shipping companies have stories jor

Someone mentioned shoptomydoor. May God forgive you. Shoptomydoor made me lose about 800k. I have a screenshot of an email I sent to them 2018 before switching to Amgray till date. I shipped 15pcs of laptops.
I was charged 600k Saying insurance this and that.. guess what… this man didn’t send my package through air I paid for. instead they used ocean shipping that took roughly 4 months to Nigeria. when i received these gaming laptops. all the laptops’ batteries were dead. I have proof of this. See the screenshot look closely, you will see it dated 2018.

Why Amgray Logistics. It’s because the business is owned by a lady and you think you can intimidate her with threats. Not every woman you can succumb to pressure. You can’t try this rubbish with Nduka, owner of shoptomydoor. Sending a client package or scammed items.. an instant seizure.

The first time I had issues with Matilda. She compensated me. Please see the screenshot. I’m not lying.. Please check the date. It was one of my laptops that got damaged handling or shipping from them. She fixed the screen for me.
See screenshots below…

Please stop denting companies that never wrong you. You can’t use a real address to receive a client item instead there are many guys on nairaland that can help you on that using PO BOX or fake address. Amgray logistics is a company trying to grow na

As you can see, I have evidence of all I said. From DHL , Shoptomydoor and Amgray Logistics. You said you lost 1.6m. Provide evidence you bought those items legitimately Your iPhones got missing. kindly provide evidence Amgray or matilda stole your iPhones Many on nairaland here are using Amgray Logistics.

Go to Akure school gate. ask of EMM Computers His name is emmanuel. Or computer village ikeja Stop misleading people that intend to use her company or service. Or abuja here i stay.. ask a question.

You can not just come to the open forum and type rubbish to discredit company Doslop thank your maker you would’ve been handpicked by FBI if you’re in the USA. I know your type. My friend does the same thing.. na that way guy.. client stuff. you can beg her to release the iphones. If at all you haven’t started begging her. If she loses her business license, She will travel down to Nigeria so that you will be feeding her with the 800k. My brother over there always gist me how some Americans are crying everyday of naija scam.

You mean your sender has been calling Amgray Logistics and even sent her ID. guy no sane America person can give you his or her ID online. Now Nigeria is waking up from the Internet and you’re dealing with someone that’s more advanced than you. I bet you that ID is a clone. USA phone no you can get for just $4 from dingtone… and call over here claiming you’re the sender. guys find sth legit and start doing now, very soon scam or yahoo will be a thing of the past.

Guys stop discrediting companies that never wrong you. Type goodypc on Google.. you will see my business profile. I have no affiliation with Matilda or Amgray Logistics. I have been using them since, I never lost a package or any seizure from her. Did you know last month alone she helped me buy goods worth N5.5m.See screenshot below

I’m not new to this forum.. I have been in nairaland for more than 11 yrs now. This is my old monika goodluckogb and goodypc is my business account. I am always on ghost mode to read news and comments. 

If you cannot provide evidence for others to see. your claims are baseless You lost 1.6m you never say it here since. Amgray Logistics open an account on nairaland April 15  and you realized you lost money with them. Paid agent. kindly send screenshots here.  For pictures and video evidence of all, he said kindly click the link below
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Amgray Logistics 24/7 contact information

WhatsApp/Call: +2349057718505

Email Address:

Amgray Logistics Social Handles

Facebook: Amgray Logistics
Twitter: Amgray Logistics
Instagram: Amgray Logistics
Whatsapp: Amgray Logistics
Youtube: Amgray Logistics

My Verdict

Nigeria has a large number of shipping companies. However, if you’re into small-scale imports, I recommend Amgray Logistics. I’ve used their services many times and can only say that they deliver on their promises. Their  prices are affordable compared to other shipping companies and their services are superb., I would recommend them to anyone who might need their services. I hope this information is useful.

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