Echelon EX5s Review

The EX5s product from ECHELON in their Smart Link Series is their top-of-the-line EX5S. As with every bike in the series, immersive training is the main emphasis. With the inclusion of a touchscreen, the EX5S takes this even further, making it the only model where you don’t have to carry your own devices. Its 21.5′′ HD touchscreen is ideal for immersive workouts. What’s more, the screen flips 180 ° so you can try out-of-machine routines like yoga or pilates. But the inclusion of a flashy screen comes at a price:
Please see below for a comprehensive overview of the ECHELON EX5S

The Assemble

The first thing you will do is to assemble echelon ex5s, and I will tell you it’s not that bad, but much like a lot of bikes, you attach the stabilizer bars at the bottom. You insert a few things, connect the pedals to attach the maunder really easy, not too many steps, and nothing was daunting, and I got through it very quickly. I’d say that just about everyone could possibly bring this together with ease of movement.


I was pleased with the resistance, and I thought the echelon did a great job. Feedback is excellent; the quality is excellent, and the overall ride feels right.

It’s got a pretty decent range going from a smooth trip to a really challenging one, I’ll admit I found that the ramp-up is a little long, so there’s a lot of content out there.

Yeah, it’s still fairly easy to travel, and you don’t even get to that flat road feeling for a while, but once you do it, it’s ramping up from there, and you’ve got a lot of space to play with and get to the top of various resistances.

The maximum resistance is extremely hard to spin, maybe the smallest nuts below some of the other top-tier options, but I’m talking about a limited number. If you’re in who 1% that just wanted to drive you to the maximum, maybe other choices could be better than 99 percent of the population. This is going to be fantastic. It’s balanced and also has outstanding top-of-the-line resistance.


It has a minimalist design to it, which I love. It doesn’t anything more going on than it needs to; all the lines are clean. The colors are red on black. It has some thin design here, and the flywheel looks neat. The test monitor is light, which I like. It’s not overly boxy or sticks out too much. Superior clean design and I got nothing wrong to say.

Fit and adjustability:

 This thing is four-way adjustable like a lot of bikes out there.  The seat can go forward and backward as well as up and down. You can really at tweaking it to fit how you want it to be.

Screen and Audio Quality

It’s tough to mess it up these days because of just every screen manufacturer. It will be the really good quality by today’s standards and the Echelon did just fine. The colors are right, and everything looks nice.  The studio feels the scenic rides. And everything looks excellent. The audio goes pretty much the standard answer there.

 Integrated tablet speakers and they’re only able to do so much, but they’re just fine for the average ride. I thought they did a great job; no complaints there either. The sound quality will be more than enough for most people. I did test it with my wireless headset through Bluetooth, and it worked great. The heart rate monitor where the Scosche works excellent as well. I have turned on connected my heart rate, easy to set up, and worked great.

The build:

The build quality is quite impressive; the frame is solid and seems very well built. The number of things that have to connect is minimal, and the things that connect seem very snug.

I feel like it’s being designed to last. For the UI, it is terrific. You can navigate well through the screen, scroll through a range of choices. I like filtering; you can pull up the whole page with filtering options. Make your selections at the bottom.

It will tell you how many classes are available on the basis of your filtering. The UI is quick to understand, and everyone can hop right to get what they want. You have a lot of instructors to choose from in the studio, so that’s a good thing. It’s the same sound when it comes to scenic rides; they’re lovely. There are a lot of things to look at, but they’re not interactive, but it’s just perfect.


Echelon is everything the peloton is, just a slight notch lower. Everything about echelon is almost the peloton, the way it’s built, the build quality, the tablet, the way the UI is built. The available content, everything is a mirror of a peloton and just a slight notch down.