16-inch MacBook Pro 2021: Release date, price, specs and more

The 16-inch MacBook Pro, which was once the most powerful and feature-rich Mac, has been eclipsed by its cheaper, smaller forerunners. Since Apple is just halfway through replacing its MacBook range with custom, ARM-based processors, this is the case. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, all fuelled by Apple’s first M1 chip, were the first to make the transition.

The 8-core processor has proved to be a huge hit, providing more power and reliability than Intel and AMD’s rival processors. As a result of the M1, Apple’s cheapest laptops, the Air and MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt 3 slots, is the most appealing choices right now. But that may change this year, as Apple releases a custom chip for the 16-inch MacBook Pro. This will bring the 16-inch MacBook Pro back on track, giving professionals the strength they need while still providing the usability they need.

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